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(Did you mean a different Science Fiction Digest or Fantasy Magazine?)

Monthly fanzine edited successively by Maurice Z. Ingher, Conrad Ruppert and Julius Schwartz. Later issues included Cosmos - The Serial Novel bound with it. It was published by Ruppert as by the Science Fiction Digest Company. This magazine originated as Science Fiction Digest in September 1932. After December, 1933, it continued under the name Fantasy Magazine.

It was reviewed in William Crawford and D. R. Welch's Science Fiction Bibliography, published in 1935:

Vol 1, No 1 dated September 1932. Regular monthly publication for two years—first twelve issues large size 8 x 11. The present size has been used since September 1933. Title changed to Fantasy Magazine January 1934. Conrad H. Ruppert and Julius Schwartz have been its editors and publishers.

The Science Fiction Digest is certainly the most valuable magazine for collectors. In its pages are indexes of science fiction in Electrical Experimenter, Science & Invention, Thrill Book, Argosy, All Story, and other Mumsey and Street & Smith publications. There are excellent biographies of many authors, including Edgar Rice Burroughs and A. Merritt; several original short stories, among them “The Scroll of Armageddon” by Arthur J. Burks, “The Drone” by A. Merritt, and “The Vortex World” by Raymond A. Palmer; and a reprint of Merritt’s “Woman of the Wood.”

Beginning July 1933 the famous Cosmos was published serially in supplement form, each installment written by a different author—such names as Ralph Milne Earley, Otis Adelbert Kline, David H. Keller.

All the early issues are out of print. Particularly high premiums have been placed on the Nov. 1933 number (When combination with The Time Traveller was effected); the April 1934 issue which contains Merritt’s installment of COSMOS; and the Anniversary Issue September 1934 featuring “The Drone.” What price these issues will eventually command, no one can prophesy.
Issue Date Pages Notes
1 September 1932
2 October 1932
3 November 1932
4 December 1932
5 January 1933
6 February 1933 24
7 March 1933 24
8 April 1933 Conrad Ruppert takes over as editor.
9 May 1933
10 June 1933
11 July 1933 Start of "Cosmos" serial
12 August 1933 31
13 September 1933
14 October 1933
15 November 1933 Combined with The Time Traveller
16 December 1933 Final issue as Science Fiction Digest
17 Now Fantasy Magazine edited by Ruppert
18 V2.4 December 1933 Thish edited by Julius Schwartz
19 V2.5
20 V2.6 February 1934 24 Edited by Ruppert
21 V3.1 March 1934 32 "
22 V3.2 1934
23 V3.3 May 1934 32 Edited by Ruppert
24 V3.4 June 1934 32 Editor now Julius Schwartz
25 V4.1 September 1934 44
26 V4.2 October 1934 24
27 V4.3 December 1934 20
28 V4.4 February 1935 20
29 April 1935
30 May 1935
31 V5.1 June 1935 20
32 V5.2 July 1935 20
33 V5.3 August 1935 20
34 V5.4 September 1935 39
35 V6.1 January 1936 36
36 V6.2 March 1936 32
37 V6.3 June 1936 32
38 September 1936 56
39 January 1937 32

There may be some errors in the numbering of issues here. L. W. Currey lists issue #17 as Vol. 2, #5, appearing in January 1934, which is #19 above.

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