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Welch was a SF fan living in Austin, Texas, in the 1920s and 1930s.

In the early 1930s he became a book and magazine dealer under the name of The Science Fiction Syndicate, and compiled the Science Fiction Bibliography, which was published by William Crawford.

This bibliography was probably the first reference work of its kind. In his The Immortal Storm, SF historian Sam Moskowitz called it "a collector's item of great interest."

It was Welch's intention to expand this bibliography into "a definitive digest of information on all amateur science and fantasy publications."

Welch had a LoC published in the February, 1935, issue of Astounding in which he wrote: "In the latter part of 1933 many readers of Astounding Stories received an announcement circular of a new science fiction mgazine -- Unusual Stories. Although the projected magazine was never finished the announcement circulars have become collectors items, and we are very anxious to obtain a number of copies."

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