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Oklacon V was a convention held August 31–September 2, 1957 (Labor Day weekend), at the Youngblood Hotel in Enid, Oklahoma. It was chaired by Walter Bowart and Kent Corey. Some 50–75 people attended.

Ron Ellik reported in Contact, October 9, 1957, p. 3:

The fifth annual Oklahoma Science Fiction Conference was held in Enid, Okla. August 31, Sept. 1 & 2. 

Although the program wasn't up to expected stan­dard, this was more than made up by the after-hours sessions. Attendees were interviewed twice on radio (station KGWA Enid) and once on television. Active with camera: Ellik, Hickman, Martinez and Wagner, any of whom may be contacted for prints.

Among the attendees were Lynn Hickmann (Illinois, editor of JD!) Ted Wagner, (formerly of Wisconsin now living in Houston, Texas), and Joe Christoff, the per­son who singlehandedly wrote and published a fanzine in Florida, without once mentioning his own name, instead using pennames of Tony Allen, Thorndyke,a.o.

The Dallas group was well represented with Randy Brown, Tom Kearny and Dale Hart. Ron Ellik, also attending, was the Mystery Guest of the evening. Next year's convention will be held in Dallas, Texas, appropriately called 'Sixth Oklacon', and Tom Reamy will be chairman for the affair.

Tulsa was present through Ron Parker and Sambo Martinez. 

Thanks should go to Walt Bowart and Kent Corey for sweating away at preparing the convention.  

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