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Nepenthe, nicknamed Neppie, was a fanzine published at MIT in the early 1940s by Earl Singleton that focused on poetry, allegedly the first such zine. The first issue appeared in December 1940 and carried a dedication that read:

 the first issue of Nepenthe
 is for Trudy-- 
 if we are not 
 was at the Chicon.

"Trudy" was Trudy Kuslan, co-editor of The Nucleus, who attended the Chicon as well as Singleton, with whom she had a brief romantic relationship.

After seeing the second issue, A. Merritt wrote to Roy V. Hunt that "If Singleton can only keep it up, he's got something." No further issues were published.

From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
Neppie - Pet name for Nepenthe, fanzine of Singleton's.

Publication 19401941
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