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(Did you want MonSFA in Australia?)

Active since 1987, The Montreal Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (MonSFFA) is a Montreal-based non-profit organization dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of all activities which engage and support the interests of science fiction and fantasy fans.

Areas of interest span the full spectrum of the SF/F universe: literature, movies, television, comics, gaming, art, animation, scale-model building, costuming, memorabilia collecting, film/video production and whatever else might pique the interest of members.

MonSFFA is administered by an executive committee, which is empowered to appoint officers and advisers to assist it with the operation of the club. Executive committee members are elected annually by vote of the general membership; any member in good standing may run for office.

Its newsletter is Impulse, published monthly, the quarterly clubzine is Warp. The names of the publications are a deliberate tip of the hat to the origins of MonSFFA when it was called MonSTA -- The Montreal Star Trek Association. The club became MonSFFA when members decided the designation as a Star Trek club was too limiting.

Beginning in 1989, MonSFFA sponsored Con*Cept and ran it through 1992 when it became an independent convention (though with many MonSFFA members working on it.) In 2000, it was cancelled, and MonSFFA revived the event and ran it from 2001 through 2003 after which it was turned over to a new, independent parent, ConCept SF&F Inc. Regrettably, Con*Cept is now defunct.

  • Website
    Copies of Impulse going back to 2006 are archived on the website. Warp is also archived on the site, complete save for 2 issues.

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