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(Did you mean the British prozine?)

Impulse is the monthly newsletter of the Montreal Science Fiction and Fantasy Association. (MonSFFA)

The single-sheet, near-monthly publication (from 9 to 11 issues annually) was introduced as a companion to MonSFFA's fanzine, Warp. Impulse focuses exclusively on club-related news and information and is designed to be produced and distributed quickly, often shortly before an upcoming club meeting or event as a timely reminder or promotion of the event.

The newsletter was first introduced in 1989 and published irregularly until 1991, pinch-hitting for Warp, as needed, in order to disseminate important and time-sensitive news to MonSFFA's members. It was revived as a regular publication in 2000 and designated Warp's permanent companion zine.

Initially printed and mailed to the club's membership, it is today distributed electronically, in PDF format. Impulse can also be downloaded from the club's Web site (IA) by any and all visitors. Printed copies are made available at MonSFFA meetings for any folk who may collect the club's publications.

Both of MonSFFA's publications, incidentally, are named after the starship Enterprise's propulsion systems, the full-sized fanzine for the FTL drive, the smaller, one-sheet newsletter for the sub-light engine. These monikers were chosen to honour MonSFFA's origins as a Star Trek fan club; before club members voted to expand the organization's scope to include the greater oeuvre of all science fiction and fantasy, MonSFFA was MonSTA, the Montreal Star Trek Association.

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