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Minicon 8 was a convention held October 11-13, 1974 at the Minneapolis Public Library and Dyckman Hotel. (Minicon 8 was also in 1974 (April 12-14), and this Minicon is also called a Fallcon.) Guests of Honor: Judy Lynn and Lester del Rey.

Chaired by Don Blyly and Jim Young. There were about 190 members. It is (somewhat mysteriously) listed as "Made possible by a grant from Dayton's" (Dayton's was the large Minneapolis department store.)

The Program FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER 1974

  • Noon Hucksters and art show begin set-up at hotel
  • 2:00 PM Registration opens at the hotel
  • 7:00 PM Free showing of Metropolis at the library
  • 9:00 PM Second showing of Metropolis at the library
  • 9:00 PM Minicon hospitality suite opens (9th floor, hotel), for Minicon members only



  • Noon Slides and film of Discon, at the hotel, in the Emperor Room
  • 1:30 PM Auction in the Emperor Room
  • 3:00 PM Art Show and Huckster Room close
  • 3:00 PM Check-out time for hotel guest rooms

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