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Minicon 6 was a convention held April 7-9, 1972 at the Hyatt Lodge in Minneapolis. The GoH was Ruth Berman.

Attendance was 175, it was chaired by Louie Spooner and the motto was "The Stereo-opticon!"

Friday April 7

Saturday, April 8

  • 11:00 Registration opens. (Art show, hucksters, games)
  • 12:30 MOVIE: To be announced.
  • 2:00 Auction: Joel Lessinger & Larry Nichols, auctioneers.
  • 4:00 Banquet: Presentation of art show awards, reading of the winning contest stories, and a speech by our GoH, Ruth Berman--all following our enjoyable buffet. Announcement of Minn-Stf elections. Costume contest awards.
  • 6:00 MOVIE: The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • 12:00 Midnight SCA Baronial Costumed Feast

Sunday, April 9

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