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Midwestcon 19 was held June 29-30, 1968 at the North Plaza Motel in Cincinnati, OH. It was a "a pleasant weekend of fun, fresh air, and water" with "the swimming pool was apparently the GoH, as there were pool parties all weekend, at all hours of the day and night". Attendance was 225. Worldcon bidders from Columbus in '69 and St. Louis in '69 were highly visible with their bid parties. In addition, there were contingents from Pittsburgh, Boston, and New York as well.

Midwestcon lived up to its reputation as a meeting place for fans of all regions and eras, with old-timers such as Dave Kyle, Bob Tucker, Lee Hoffman, and Fritz Leiber and relaive newcomers such as Ted White, Jay Kay Klein, Alexei Panshin, and Earl Kemp.

The only event of the convention was the usual banquet on Saturday night (which nearly everyone at the convention attended), which included a mind-reading act, a short speech by Tucker and a very long series of introductions of all the notables who were there. According to Locus, there was "an immense number of people peddling an even more immense number of fanzines".

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