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A Worldcon bid to host the 1969 Worldcon in Columbus, OH, which lost to St. Louis in 69 in the voting at Baycon. See 1969 Worldcon Site Selection. The convention was to have been named "├śCON".

The bid was chaired by Larry Smith. Brian Burley, who moved to St. Louis during to bid to keep an eye on the rival St. Louis in '69 bid, was a member of the bid committee. The committee was part of the Olentangy SF Society.

The got a nice write-up in the July 1968 issue of Science Fiction Times by Harriett Kolchak, noting that they had thought a lot about the Worldcon they would run, but had not been doing a very good job of letting people know they were actually bidding.

St. Louis in '69 had been identified with newer, modern fandom while Columbus in '69 had been identified with an older, more political side of fandom and open antipathy between the bids was evident. There were (unfounded) rumors circulated that Columbus intended to have its own Exclusion Act, banning Ted White from attending.

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