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Karen Willson is an LA area fan, filker, and con-runner.

In 1978, Karen recorded "Children of the Future", the first filk audio cassette tape ever. It was the third filk recording ever made, preceded only by two vinyl records by Leslie Fish.

Karen, along with her husband Chris Weber, Eric Gerds, Paul Willett, and a few others, founded the ConChord filk con in 1983. Karen served on the concom through ConChord 6 or 7. Karen and her husband Chris were in charge of children's programming at the 1996 Worldcon, L.A.Con III. When Interfilk co-founder Gary Anderson was ill with a brain tumor, Karen and Chris organized the FrOG (Friends of Gary) ball and auction, a fund raising event that raised over six thousand dollars to help pay Gary's medical bills.

Professionally, Karen and Chris have written scripts for animated TV shows and newspaper cartoon strips.

Karen and Chris were Toastmasters at ConChord 11 in 1995 and Music Guests at CopperCon 16 in 1996. Karen was Music Guest at LepreCon 29 in 2003.

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