John Mishler

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(September 7, 1906 – ????)

John Mishler, a fan from Johns­town, Pennsylvania, active in the 1940s and ’50s, attended the Cinvention with his wife, Zeda.

In a 1948 letter to Charles Burbee, she described them:

Now I’ll tell you a little about us. My husband (John) & I are both Stf. fen. John's 42 Sept. 7, bald headed. & work on Rail­ road. I'm fat 196 lbs, 5 ft. 4", was 36 July 8. Am House wife, N.F.F.F. Hostess, Terra Society Sec, our sports - football, swimming, & fishing. Our authors - Abe Merritt & Lee Frances. We read- F.N., Amazing, F.A., Planet, F.F.M. & the other Stf. mag. when they have authors in we know & like. & Belong to - N.F.F.F., Terra Society, Dis­count, Shaver, Weird & Readers clubs.

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