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(April 21, 1933 ā€“ February 16, 2010)

Jim Harmon at Clevention, 1955.

Fan and pro, James Judson Harmon became a fannish legend with the Midwestcon Door Incident. He published the fanzine, RADIOHERO.

Harmon and his wife, Barbara, both members of the First Fandom club, were editors of Scientifiction: The First Fandom Report, from 2000 until 2004. He joined First Fandom in 1992. For years, the name of his fanzine was Harmony. Barbara used Discord for the name of her zine. He was a close friend of Redd Boggs. He also published Asteroid X. He was associate editor of Riverside Quarterly in the 1960sā€“70s.

He was a fairly successful writer with more than 50 short stories and novelettes for Amazing Stories, Future Science Fiction, Galaxy Science Fiction, If, F&SF, Venture Science Fiction Magazine and other magazines. The Jim Harmon Collection (2016) is an anthology of his short fiction.

He also wrote westerns and occasionally used the penname Judson Grey on adult novels written with Ron Haydock. He used the pennames of Jamieson Harvey, Jim Harvey, Clarke Newton and J. H. Wilkins. Harmon was an editor (1974-1975) of the Marvel Comics magazine Monsters of the Movies.

Harmon gained a strong following in another fandom, among the followers of "old time radio." In the mid-60s, he was an announcer and producer of a radio show on KPFK (Pacifica Radio's LA station) playing old-time radio favorites.

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