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The Gernsback Awards were created by Forrest J Ackerman to fill in the years from 1926 until 1953, the year the Hugo Awards were inaugurated.

The 1926 volume of Gernsback Awards, edited by Ackerman, was published in 1982 by Triton Books of Los Angeles, California. At the time other volumes were planned, though they were never produced.

The ten winning stories collected in Volume One were selected by 67 members of First Fandom, including Ackerman.

Stories were by G. Peyton Wertenbaker, H. G. Wells (2 stories), Curt Siodmak, Edmond Hamilton, Fitz-James O'Brien, George Allan England, Murray Leinster, Garrett P. Serviss, and A. Hyatt Verrill. Amazing Stories was the winning SF magazine, best editor was Hugo Gernsback, best artist was Frank R. Paul, and best novel was The Moon Maid by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

All illustrations reproduced in this volume were by Frank R. Paul and Joseph Dustin.

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