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From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
Activities at regularly recurring intervals, like conventions and APA mailings, are one thing that makes the calendar subject to fannish tampering. The Ghuists invented a special one dating from the mundane year 1934; it resembled the World Calendar, but Ghu Year's Day fell at the summer solstice. Months were named in dishonor of prominent followers of the Purple. Other fans have usually been content to change month-names and interject commentary on the conventional reckoning system. Replacing mundane with stfnistic calendar-art was the system used in the Little Men's calendar for 1952, and also in several from Gnome Press. Part of Berry Mythology is the Marilyn Monroe calendar in Oblique House; her navel forms the outer boundary of the Ghoodminton court.

See also: Mercer's Day, Poor Pong's Almanac, Dick & Leah's Skiffy Calendar.

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