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NASFiC 4, CactusCon, was a convention held September 3–7, 1987, in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Phoenix Hyatt Regency, the Adams Hilton, and the Phoenix Convention Center. Since 1975, the World Science Fiction Society has held a North American Science Fiction Convention in years when Worldcon is outside North America; in this case, Conspiracy '87 in Brighton, England.

The GoH was Hal Clement, and the FGoH was Marjii Ellers. It was chaired by Bruce Farr and there were about 3,000 attendees. The convention published Con Games, a fanzine discussing con-running.

CactusCon was initially run as a for-profit corporation, causing no little controversy at the time. In August 1986, it was turned over to the Central Arizona Speculative Fiction Society, a non-profit.

Site Selection for this NASFiC was conducted by Aussiecon 2. See 1987 NASFiC Site Selection.

CactusCon was the first NASFiC to hold site selection for another NASFiC. See 1990 NASFiC Site Selection.

CactusCon publications and photos on

LoneStarCon NASFiC

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