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(March 6, 1918 – July 24, 1999)

Marjorie Fleming Merritt Ellersieck was a long-time LA fan, famous for her costumes at conventions. Her fan name was Marjii Ellers.

Her offices in LASFS included Registrar and Scribe.

Some of the fanzines she edited were Nexterday, More Lives Than One, One Equal Temper, Thousands of Thursdays, Masqueraders' Guide, and Judges' Guide. She also served as a convention reporter for both Locus and SF Review.

She died of cancer.

Fanzines and Apazines:

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

She won several masquerade awards: Funcon (1968); L.A.con I (Worldcon 1972), Discon II (Worldcon 1974), MidAmeriCon (Worldcon 1976); Costume-Con 1 (1983), 2 (1984), 5 (1987); and she received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1990 from the International Costumers Guild.

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