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A 2-page, mimeographed N3F one-shot issued by VP Bob Tucker on November 25, 1942, announcing that club President E. E. Evans, a World War I Navy veteran, had been suddenly called up for secret duties in World War II, and that Tucker, as interim president, was passing the presidency on to Al Ashley.

Francis Towner Laney in Ah! Sweet Idiocy!, though, asserted that this was a fabrication meant to cover up that Evans was actually “serving time in the Michigan State Penitentiary for homosexuality” (which gossip Laney attributed to Slan Shacker Dal Coger). However, Laney, said, “In justice to him, it is only fair to point out that he claims to have been framed, and, more to the point, that I have never seen him do anything or heard him say anything which could point even remotely to any taint of homosexuality on his part — on the contrary he appears far more masculine than most of the LASFS members, including some known heterosexuals.”

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Publication 1942
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