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"Bombcon" was an early convention held September 20-21, 1941 in London. At the time, it was not named and was simply called a "fan reunion" rather than a convention, but such were conventions in those early days. It was held outdoors in Lincoln Inn Fields (remember, WWII was in full swing and while the UK was no longer in immediate danger of invasion, it was still early days (the US had not yet entered the war), things were still dicey and bombing was still a major threat). Attending were Frank Arnold, Ted Carnell, Irene Carnell, Maurice Hanson, Art Williams, Canadian fan Bob Gibson, Harry Chibbett, Lily Chibbett, John Craig, John Beynon Harris, Ken Bulmer, Denise Laws, Lily Jaggers, and Sid Birchby.

The name "Bombcon" came later in an ad by Bulmer for Loncon, the 1957 London Worldcon.

See Early Conventions.

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