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(Did you mean a different Zeus?)

(March 1908–)

John C. Craig, nicknamed Zeus, was an Essex, UK-based fan in the 1930s through the ’50s.

In 1942, in Futurian War Digest 20, he wrote of himself:

Commonly called Zeus. The origin of this is lost in the mists of antiquity though I strongly suspect that Doug Webster had something to do with it (as usual). Born March 1908 (Yes, '08) Temperament like the March winds and quite intolerant of intolerance and injustice. Believe that conflict (not necessarily armed) is the basis of Homo Sapiens' existence. Educated - At a private school for the "Sons of Gentlemen". Ha! Ha! Learned most of what I know empirically.. Profession, Surveyor, Municipal employee. Rebellious by nature and disgustingly inquisitive. So interested in most things that I am a dilletante and find it hard to concetrate on one hobby for long. Married - thoroughly - one son - Philip, aged 3, whose passion is cars and engines. Calls me Johnny, the disrespectful little devil.
The Boys Own Paper, Jules Verne and then Rider Haggard plus the lesser lights Herbert Strang and Charles Gilson form the early basis of my fantasy enjoyment. Earliest recollection of American S.F. is looking at an All Story Weekly of my brother's. There was a golden sphinxlike creature on the cover. Opening the book I read. One phrase sticks in my mind to this day. "The ring was in motion!". Guess. It was the Metal Monster by Merritt. Then I remember Flint, and the Man in the Moon - and so on right to be called Zeus.

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