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A PDF fanzine by Peter Young first published in March 2013, and possibly the first science fiction fanzine originating from Thailand. To date five issues have been published.

Contributors have included S. P. Somtow, Dave Langford, Jess Nevins, William Lampkin, Gary Lovisi, Bruce Gillespie, Christopher J. Garcia (The Drink Tank, Journey Planet), John Coxon, Randy Byers (Chunga), Patrick Clark (PKD Otaku), Tim Powers, Tony Keen, Penny Hill, Chris Hill, Cheryl Morgan, L. J. Hurst, Jo Walton, David J. Haddock (The Banksoniain) and Niall Harrison.

Issues are themed. #3 and #4 were two parts of a special project released for Loncon 3, concerned entirely with the Gollancz 'SF Masterworks' list with every title having reviews and commentary, listed in order of appearance. The two issues combined total 431 pages.

Issue Date Pages Theme
1 March 2013 79 Asia
2 January 2014 102 Pulp
3 August 2014 240 SF Masterworks 1
4 August 2014 191 SF Masterworks 2
5 October 2015 94 Hotel Catatonia

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