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Seattle is the largest center of fanac in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

Clubs and Organizations:[edit]

Club Era
Babble-17 early 80s
Cry Crowd 1950s
Nameless Ones 50s and 60s
Northwest Convention League started mid-80s
Northwest Science Fiction Society formed 1981
SWOC formed 1990
Terran Society early 50s


Year Event
1945 Jack Speer moves to Seattle
early ’50s Terran Society founded
1950s Nameless Ones founded.
1959 Westercon 12 held
1961 Seacon, the 1961 Worldcon held
1966 Seattle in '68 Worldcon bid
1976 Seattle in 1981 Worldcon bid launched
1977 Start of the Seattle Fanzine Renaissance
1978 First Norwescon regional held
1979 Punch Out the Banquet Manager
1981 Northwest Science Fiction Society founded
Early 80s Babble-17 founded
1984 First Rustycon held
mid-80s Northwest Convention League founded
1986? First Dreamcon held
1988 Corflu 5 held
1989 15th World Fantasy Convention held
1990 SWOC founded
1992 Potlatch started
1993 Westercon 46 held
1994 ConComCon started
1995 Ditto 8 held
1996 Seattle in 2002 Worldcon bid started
Smofcon 14 held
Costume-Con 14 held
1997 Westercon 50 held
1998 Richard Wright dies
2000 Corflu 17 held
2003 Westercon 56 held
2005 CascadiaCon held
Gertrude M. Carr and F. M. Busby die
2006 Seattle in 2011 Worldcon bid begun
2009 Corflu 26 held
2012 Conclusion held
2013 Bobbie DuFault dies
2014 Velma Bowen and Stu Shiffman die
2025 Seattle Worldcon 2025


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