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The Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee was founded in 1991, to bring together disparate groups within the Seattle fandom to bid for 1993 Westercon. The committee became an IRS 501(c)(3) exempt organization in 1994.


SWOC has organized the following conventions and bids since its founding:

Name Year Location
Sasquan 2015 Spokane, WA
Chairman: Sally Woerhle
Residence: Spokane Convention Center
Sasquan was the 73rd Worldcon held under the auspices of the World Science Fiction Society.
Conclusion 2012 SeaTac, WA
Chairman: Bobbie DuFault
Residence: Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport
Conclusion was Westercon 65.
Conflikt 2008-present Renton, WA
Residence: Holiday Inn Hotel (2008)
Conflikt is an annual filk convention.
Seattle in 2011 2006 Seattle, WA
Chairman: Bobbie DuFault
Beginning in 2006, SWOC bid for Seattle to host Worldcon on the fiftieth anniversary of Seacon, the 1961 Seattle Worldcon. The bid was announced at LACon IV.
CascadiaCon 2005 SeaTac, WA
Chairman: Bobbie DuFault
Vice Chairs: Pat Porter, Susan Robinson
Residence: Seattle Airport Hilton and Conference Center
CascadiaCon was the 8th North American Science Fiction Convention (or "NASFiC") held under the auspices of the World Science Fiction Society.
Westercon 56 2003 SeaTac, WA
Chairman: William Sadorus
Residence: SeaTac Doubletree Hotel
Once and Future Westercon 1997 Seattle, WA
Chairman: Sally Woehrle
Residence: Sheraton Hotel & Towers
Once and Future was Westercon 50
Seattle in 2002 1996 Seattle, WA
Chairman: Pat Porter
SWOC bid to host Worldcon in 2002. The bid was terminated in 1999 when facilities were no longer available. The 2002 Worldcon, ConJosé, was held in San Jose.
ConComCon 1994-present SeaTac, WA
Chairman: Sally Woehrle
Residence: Holiday Inn Seattle Airport (1994)
ConComCon is an annual convention for convention organizers held in the Pacific Northwest; in recent years it has travelled to Portland, Cle Elum, and Surrey, BC.
Westercon 46 1993 Bellevue, WA
Chairman: Richard Wright
Residence: Red Lion Hotel

Committee Officers[edit]

Term President
2000 Marjorie Rosen
2001-2 Sally Woehrle
2003 Shawn Marier
2004 Sally Woehrle
2005-6 Shawn Marier
2006-7 Jerry Gieseke
2014-15 Gene Armstrong
2015 Gibbitt Rhys-Jones
2015-16 Jason Wodicka
2016-17 Ari Goldstein
2017-18 Sally Woerhle
2018-19 Jerry Gieseke

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