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A clubzine of the Fantasy and Science Fiction Society of Columbia University. The name comes from a California Hokan language which, loosely, means "I become sick." (It's not clear why they chose this...) Janet Megson and Eli Cohen were "Editors in Chafe".

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 May 1969 26
2 August 1969 28 collated at St. Louiscon
3 April 1970 32 Contributors included Janet Fox and Harry Warner, Jr. Interviews with Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg
4 not completed

The introductory material for the interviews in issue #3 was signed by Yarik P. Thrip, the club's Mome Rath-in-Residence, who was decidedly not real; it was, in fact, written by Jon Singer.

Temple Univ. credits Ricky Kagan as the editor for issue #3. The issue itself lists him as "Chief Procurer", but lists him as the contact person for issue #4, which is probably the source of the error. A 4th issue was announced, with Ricky Kagan as contact person, but appears not to have been published.

Akos online at fanac.org

Publication 19691970
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