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The 38th Worldcon, and second in Boston, Noreascon Two was held August 29 to September 1, 1980, at the Sheraton-Boston Hotel and the Hynes Civic Auditorium in Boston, MA. GoHs: Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm, FGoH: Bruce Pelz. Robert Silverberg was Toastmaster. Chaired by Leslie Turek.

Noreascon Two was sponsored by MCFI.

Formed from the Boston in 1980 bid, it hosted the 1982 Worldcon Site Selection.

Noreascon Two sponsored the completion of FGoH Bruce Pelz's Fantasy Showcase Tarot Deck and displayed all of the art commissioned for it. It sponsored the first Fannish Inquisition.

Among other events, a drunken Susan Wood threw a bottle at Terry Carr in the SFWA Suite; Carr required stitches, but Wood did not remember the event the next day.

The Great Noreascon One-Shot Chorale performed during the masquerade judging. Organized by Lynne Aronson, this was an expansion of the Chicago Semi-Pro Musica, a Chicago a capella choral group composed of fans and pros, with other volunteer singers recruited from across fandom. The program: “Modern Music” and “The Mariners’ Anthem” by William Billings; “The Prayer of the Cat” by Ivor Davies; “Counterpoint of the Animals” by Banchieri; “I Am the Phoenix” by Vecchi; “Fair Maid, Thy Loveliness” by Hassler; “Thine Eyes, O My Beloved” by di Lasso; “Two Temperance Songs” arranged by Jonson; “Dixie” arranged by Norman Luboff; “The Grand Canal” by Mark Aronson (a choral, non-filk setting of Robert Heinlein’s poem); “Echo Song” by di Lasso; and a choral arrangement of Pachelbel’s “Kanon.”

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