1966 Worldcon Site Selection

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Site Selection for the 1966 Worldcon was conducted by Loncon II, the 1965 Worldcon. The bidders were Cleveland in '66 and an out-of-rotation Syracuse in '66 bid.

The Cleveland in '66 committee did not oppose the Syracuse bid's participation which was allowed by unanimous consent at the WSFS Business Meeting. As was customary at the time, prominent fans made speeches at the WSFS Business Meeting where the vote was taken (there was no mail ballot). Dave Kyle spoke for Syracuse and he was seconded by Ron Ellik. Ben Jason spoke for Cleveland in '66 seconded by Dick Eney and Ted White.

Voting results:

Bid Votes
Cleveland in '66 60
Syracuse in '66 49
St. John's Virgin Island 1
Vienna 1
No convention 1

Cleveland in '66 was the winner and went on to run Tricon.

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