1937 Leeds Convention

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On January 3, 1937, the British fans held their long-planned event at the Theosophical Hall in Leeds, UK. Around twenty fans attended, including Eric Frank Russell and Arthur C. Clarke. This was unquestionably a convention, but it was also unquestionably after the first convention in Philadelphia (which was less clearly a convention).

Known attendees: George Airey (Leeds) Ted Carnell (London) Arthur C. Clarke (London) Walter Gillings (Ilford) Harold Gottliffe (Leeds) Albert Griffiths (Bradford) Maurice K. Hanson (Nuneaton) Les Johnson (UK) (Liverpool) Douglas Mayer (Leeds) A. Miller (Leeds) J. Michael Rosenblum (Leeds) Eric Frank Russell (Liverpool) B. Saffer (Leeds) Herbert Warnes (Leeds)

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