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During the late Forties and Fifties, perhaps the best-known fan from New Orleans was Harry B. Moore who chaired Nolacon in 1951.

1951 Nolacon Officers Harry B. Moore Chair, Emanual S. Lashover sec, Paul A. Ferrara treasurer

New Orleans area Nolacon members (from Progress Reports) likely to have been members of NOSFS Eddie Adams, Jr. Edward J. Bryan - Turner Emile W. Greenleaf, Jr. Paul W. Juneau, Jr. Thomas A. Maxwell Clarence A. Tilger II Alfred J. Thomas Sidney "Pat" Mailloux Robert Hoffman Lee B. Allen Lester B. Sodeman Billy Sodeman Louis N. Crimmins Harold Friedrichs Charles J. Roubique John C. Cuvillier

Jack Stocker and Dan Galouye were also known to have attended and remained active in later years.

Between the mid 50s and mid 60s active fen included Rosel G. Brown, Charles Bush, Daniel F. Galouye, Emile Greenleaf, David E. Penney, Jan Penney, Jack Stocker, and Wayne Strickland (a LASFS import).

By the 60s, Galouye and Brown had turned Pro.

Fen that became active in the mid '60s Pat Adkins Dennis Dolbear John Guidry Guy Lillian Don Markstein Nancy Mayberry Rick Norwood Dean Sweatman Don Walsh Justin Winston Doug Wirth Craig Shukas Bill Bruce George Petrie Joel Penton Pete Bezbak Janice A Cullum Dennis Heron Stan Taylor Jan Lewis

Fen that became active in the early 1970s James Mulé Jan Luke (later Jan Luke-Mulé) Richard Majeste Mike Smith Joe Grillot Burt Cary Mike Swan Beverly Traub Marge Roll Dana Adams Ron Juge Dorkas Jones Albert Hoffman

Fen that became active in the 1980s Rebecca Smith

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