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John was a New Orleans fan that it seemed you ran into a couple of times a month at one of the various old book stores, second hand shops, and movie theaters we used to visit. It was his primary passion to organize the area's neo/proto-fen into association with the established but loosely organized fan base.

His efforts, with some help from Rick Norwood, led to the formation of what became the rebirth of active, organized fandom in New Orleans.

John was the base for most of the New Orleans Worldcon bids in the 1970s and 1980s and chairman of the 1988 NOLAcon II. He won the 1983 Rebel Award. He chaired DeepSouthCon 9 and DeepSouthCon 11.

John is also founder and still an active member of ERB-apa. He was one of the proprietors of the small press, Guidry and Atkins.

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