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The 1951 Worldcon held September 1-3 in the St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, LA. GoH: Fritz Leiber. Chairman: Harry B. Moore.

It was at Nolacon that the famous Room 770 party was held.

The competition to the winning New Orleans bid was Capicon in '50, a bid for Washington, DC. See 1951 Worldcon Site Selection.

See Sam Moskowitz' remembrance of Nolacon from the Noreascon Three PB.

There were six bids to host the 1952 World -Con — Chicago, San Francisco, Niagara Falls, New York, Atlanta, and Detroit. Chicago won. See 1952 Worldcon Site Selection.

Wikipedia entry (IA)

Scans of PR1 and PR2 (IA)

A Premiere showing of 20th Century Fox's The Day the Earth Stood Still, based on Harry Bates' outstanding novella from Astounding Science Fiction, "Farewell to the Master." was held at the Saenger Theater

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