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Fannish security organization founded by Robert Asprin.

Following the theft of some of Frank Kelly Freas's artwork in 1973 at Torcon II, Asprin and two others appeared at Discon II in costumes identifying themselves as Dorsai Irregulars in an attempt to bring more attention to the need for security. Bob Passovoy and Anne Passovoy immediately volunteered to be part of the security detail going forward and Joni Stopa, who was running the art show for Windycon I hired them. The resultant organization provided con security, mainly in the Midwest, for many year and also ran their own relaxacon, the Dorsai Thing. It was not a club one could apply to and rarely took in new members.

The Dorsai were widely criticized for being, among other things, too officious, too militaristic, too interested in role-playing, and insufficiently competent. On the other hand, it does seem to have been the best of the convention security groups of its time.

Members included Robert Asprin, Bob Passovoy, Anne Passovoy, Elizabeth Pearse, Murray Porath, Steve Simmons, Phil Stevens.

"Dorsai" is a reference to the future interstellar mercenary group in Gordon R. Dickson's Dorsai Series.

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