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Bill Roper at Chicon 7; Photo by Mark Olson

(1956 --)

Fan, filker and con-runner. Roper co-founded Dodeka Records with his wife, Gretchen Roper, received the Pegasus Award three times, and was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2000. He has chaired the Windycon science fiction convention three times as well as Whatcon and worked on Chicon IV, Chicon V, and Chicon 6, the last as the head of the Exhibits Division. He was a former member of ChUSFA (and its Bentley and editor of its Chimaeran Review) and the SIU Science Fiction Society (and a former President and editor of its Collapzine).

Roper is a longtime board member of ISFiC and since 2004, he has been the business manager for ISFiC Press. In 2012 he took over as publisher of the press. He and his wife also huckster at many conventions as The Secret Empire. He has been a regular at Thursday.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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