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The 1976 Worldcon (often called Big Mac) was held September 2-6 in the Radisson Muehlebach Hotel and Phillips House in Kansas City, MO. GoH: Robert A. Heinlein, FGoH: George Barr. Wilson Tucker was Toastmaster. Chaired by Ken Keller.

1976 Hugos, 1978 Worldcon Site Selection.

Fred Pohl's MidAmeriCon Reminiscence.

Karass #24 for September, 1976 has an interesting and extensive con report which was continued in #25/26 in November.

Competition: KC in '76, Columbus in 1976, Highmore in '76. See 1976 Worldcon Site Selection.

MidAmeriCon was very worried about the increase in convention sizes in the 70s and took drastic steps to control membership by significantly raising the price of an attending membership which started at less than $6 and ramped up to an unheard of $50 at the door.

The newsletter was called the Bullsheet, available here. A significant portion of the convention was recorded by KMAC organized by Scott Imes.

Video of Masquerade winners (IA)

Recording of James Gunn talk (IA)

Video of Robert Heinlein GoH speech (IA)

Video of Weird & Horror Genre Luncheon panel (IA)

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