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A convention held in Calgary, AB starting in 1984 and was sponsored by the Calgary & Area Fandom Enhancement Society. It appears to have died when Con-Version 27 was cancelled and then in September 2011, Con-Version 28 was also cancelled.

It hosted the judging for the Robyn Herrington Memorial Short Story Competition.

Photos from 2000 con (IA)

Convention Date GoHs
Con-Version II July 26-28, 1985 Poul Anderson
Con-Version 7 July 20-22, 1990
Con-Version IX July 17-19, 1992 David Brin, Michael G. Coney
Con-Version XI July 22-24, 1994 Frederik Pohl, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Sean Russell
Con-Version XIII July 19-21, 1996
Con-Version 19 August 9-11, 2002
Con-Version 21.5 2005
Con-Version 24 August 15-17, 2008 Timothy Zahn, K. A. Bedford, Jennie Breeden, Lynda Williams, Gary Gygax
Con-Version 25 August 21-23, 2009 Terry Brooks, Tanya Huff
Con-Version 26 October 15-17, 2010 Robert Picardo, John de Lancie, Marina Sirtis, Ethan Phillips, Chase Masterson, David B. Coe, Sean Cummings, Heroincredible, the 404s
Con-Version 27 Cancelled
Con-Version 28 Cancelled

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