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(1943 --)

Haldeman was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but lived all over the US a child. In the 60s, he was living in Washington, DC and was a member of WSFA, which he heard about in connection with Discon, the 1963 Worldcon in Washington. (His brother, Jay Haldeman, who was also a fan also joined.)

In 1965 he married Mary Gay Potter (Gay Haldeman) and earned a BS in Physics and Astronomy in 1967, the same year he was drafted into the Army and served as a combat engineer in Vietnam. He was wounded in combat and his wartime experience was the inspiration for War Year, his first novel; also later books such as "The Hemingway Hoax" and "Old Twentieth" deal extensively with the experience of combat soldiers in Vietnam and other wars. His column "Letters from Vietnam" was published in Ray Fisher's fanzine Odd.

In 1975, he received an MFA degree in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. He lives in Gainesville, Florida and Cambridge, Massachusetts and teaches writing at MIT.

While at the University of Iowa, he helped to found the Mindbridge Foundation which runs the convention ICON. He was a long-time member of WSFA, a member of the Washington in '77 Worldcon bid, and a filker in the early days of filk.

He was GoH at the 1990 Worldcon in Holland, ConFiction.

His best-known work is The Forever War from 1974 which won the 1976 Best Novel Hugo and also a Nebula Award. He also received the 1977 Best Short Story Hugo for "Tricentennial", the 1991 Best Novella Hugo for "The Hemingway Hoax' the 1995 Best Short Story Hugo for "None So Blind", and the 1998 Best Novel Hugo for Forever Peace.

He is member of the of SFWA and served as president in 1992–1994. He was a member of the Guilford Gafia.

He is the brother of Jack C. Haldeman II.

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