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(1948 --)

American pro writing living in Canada who was married to the late Jeanne Robinson.

He wrote novels and short sf (mostly for Analog). Robinson made his first short-story sale in 1972 to Analog Science Fiction magazine. His longest series is a group of stories set in Callahan's Place a bar with many puns. He was a book reviewer for Galaxy and then for Destinies.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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Also involved: - 1978 Best Short Story Hugo - Baycon '92 - Campbell Award - Cepheid Variable - Coastcon XVII - ConClave IX - ConClave VIII - ConText '91 - Conviction - Ditmar Awards - Eniznaf - Jordin Kare - MagiCon - Marcon 30 - Nebula Awards - RadCon 2 - Trawnacon 76 - VCON 41 - Worldcon 76

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Also- 1978 Best Short Story Hugo Also- Campbell Award - Ditmar Awards - Nebula Awards