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(1948 --)

Born in New Jersey, George R. R. Martin, sometimes called “Railroad” for his middle initials, made his first pro sale to Galaxy in 1971 and quickly became a leading short sf writer getting Hugo and Nebula nominations.

A fan as well as a pro, Martin regularly attends cons. In 1976, at MidAmeriCon Martin and Gardner Dozois conceived of and organized the first Hugo Losers Party for the evening following the convention's Hugo Awards ceremony.

He attended college at Northwestern University and lived in Chicago during the 1960s and ’70s, where he was active in local fandom, and regularly attended Midwestcon. Next, he moved to Iowa, where he was one of the founders of ICON.

Besides written sf, he worked in Hollywood on a revival of Twilight Zone, and on Beauty and the Beast, while also developing the multi-volume, multi-author Wild Cards series.

He has become stunningly successful with his Game of Thrones series which has sold quintillions of copies and been turned into a very successful HBO series, leading Martin to be declared the American Tolkien.

He taught at Clarion West in 1998, he collects medieval-themed miniatures and has a house devoted to his collection. In the early 1970s he was in a relationship with fellow pro Lisa Tuttle. He later married Gale Burnick, but divorced her in 1979. He is married to fellow fan Parris McBride.

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