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(December 17, 1943 -- February 11, 2005)

Chalker was a long-time Baltimore area fan, fanzine publisher, and later pro (writing as Jack L. Chalker) who discovered fandom in 1957. In his early fannish life, he was a member of the N3F and the SFG.

He was active in local fandom, he was a member of WSFA and one of the founders of BSFA (of which he was many times an officer.) He co-chaired Disclave 26 with his wife Eva Whitley and Balticon 2, Balticon 3, and Balticon 4. He was Vice-Chair of Discon II. He was part of the Philadelphia in 1977 Worldcon bid. He chaired Lunacon 18.

He was twice nominated for the Hugo: the 1963 Best Fanzine Hugo for Mirage and the 1992 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo (with Mark Owings) for The Science-Fantasy Publishers -- A Critical & Bibliographic History (they also received the 1992 Readercon Award for it). With Owings he wrote The Revised H. P. Lovecraft Bibliography for Mirage (1973).

He was a member of SAPS and of FAPA (Viewpoint was his FAPAzine). He published the fanzines Mirage (which was also called Centaur and Kaleidoscope early in its run), Qasar, and Interjection, and later founded and operated Mirage Press. He also published Ibex, and Everyfan's Guide to the Auctions.

He also had a 30-year career as a popular sf writer, and was nominated for the 1977 Campbell Award and the 1978 Campbell Award. He was treasurer of SFWA for three terms.

He may have coined the term Smof.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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