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(Did you mean Alan Barrie Stewart, a British fan?)

Alan Stewart is an Australian fan living in Melbourne whose long-running newszine, Thyme, was nominated for the 1999 Best Fanzine Hugo and won several Ditmar Awards. He has been a member and officer of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club. He chaired Constantinople, and the Australia in 1999 Worldcon bid, and has worked on numerous Worldcons and regionals.

He helped produce The Constantinople International Fannish Cookbook and was one of the editors of Australian SF News and of Ethel the Aardvark.

He published Ytterbium for ANZAPA of which he has been OE, and Thullium for Acnestis.

He was the DUFF winner in 1994, traveling to Conadian (and subsequently editing The DUFFinite Article for DUFF), and the FFANZ winner in 1991. He also won many Australian Science Fiction Media Awards. In 1997 he won the prestigious Teaspoon Award for "Most Boring Telephone Answering Machine Message".

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