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An Australian newszine.

Issues Editors
1-18 Irwin Hirsh and Andrew Brown
19-35 Roger Weddall
36-42 Peter Burns
43-61 Peter Burns and Roger Weddall
62-65 Peter Burns, Clive Newall, and LynC
66-69 LynC and Peter Burns
70-71 Clive Newall
72-82 LynC
83-84 Greg Hills and Mark Loney
85-86 Greg Hills
87 Greg Hills and Mark Loney
88 onwards Alan Stewart

There was a double issue 10/11 (combining issues 10 and 11). Most issues had A4 pages, but a couple, at least, had shorter pages. There was an issue numbered 80.5, dated December 1990.

Thyme has won the Ditmar Award for Best (Australian) Fanzine three times: 1987, 1995, and 1997.

Some issues had other fanzines stappled in. These included (not all at once): Ansible, Artychoke, Australian SF News, The Instrumentality.

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