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(1) A Convention

1994 Australian Natcon and Australasian media natcon It was held 1-4 April 1994 at the Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. GoH: William Gibson Special Guests: Sandra Reid, Robert Jewell, Kate Orman Fan Guests of Honour included Bruce Gillespie, and Bean & Medge. (The conbook also listed Narrelle Harris as Absent Fan GoH.) Chair: Donna Heenan.

Issue 4 of The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet reports replacement of Media GoH Colin Baker with Sandra Reid, Robert Jewell, and Kate Orman.

The convention published The Constantinople International Fannish Cookbook in 1992.

See also Teaspoon Awards.

For more information see the Constantinople post(s) (IA) at

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(2) A Cat

Three-legged cat after whom the convention was named. Constantinople had featured in a colouring-in book, Constantinople the Brave, and was a candidate for the Ditmar Award for Best Fannish Cat in 1991. Human: Phil Wlodarczyk.

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