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(March 1, 1959 – )

Larry Downes, ca. 1976. Photo by Gil Gaier.

Lawrence C. Downes was a teenaged fan from Oak Park, Michigan, active in the 1970s. He belonged to the the Oak Park High School Science Fiction Club (along with Leah Zeldes, Sandy Schreiber, &c.) and the Wayne Third Foundation (he was the mascot in the Suburban Femmefen and Mascot).

He published a fanzine, ¡Ay, Chingar!, and belonged to MiSHAP and Apa-50. He attended Midwestern cons and Worldcons. Randy Bathurst named his MiSHAPzine Larry Downes, Space Pervert in his honor.

Larry Downes, left, in Suburban Femmefen Mascot shirt, with Cy Chauvin during Fan Fair III, Toronto, 1975. Photo by Patty Peters.

Larry gafiated soon after going to college in 1977. He went on to become a consultant and author on business strategies and information technology, living in the Bay Area.

Fanzines and Apazines:


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