Just Like a Daugherty Project Except That It Will Actually Happen

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Walter J. Daugherty, a member of LASFS, was often satirized by insurgents Charles Burbee and Francis T. Laney for his grandiose schemes that never came to fruition. Hence, any fannish project that is overblown and highly unlikely to be brought to a successful conclusion is called a Daugherty Project. This line, a corollary, came from Burbee.

See also: Real Soon Now and Keep Watching the Skies!

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
(Laney) The ultimate in fannish accomplishment. South Gate all over again. Unendurable Pleasure Indefinitely Prolonged. Laney once, growing lyrical in praise of the one-shot session, lauded it with this phrase. Walter J. Daugherty was a LASFan noted for fine ideas that came to nothing.
From Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement, ca. 1960
was Burbee's line; Laney was only quoting it. Burb was "being lyrical about the wonderful idea of writing and publishing a mag all in one sitting, and of course I had to throw in a line like that because even in my serious moments I have to clown a bit." It would probably have gone unnoticed except that when Shaggy reprinted Laney's remark in an "all-star issue" they censored out this crack. Naturally, FTL took steps to make sure that even people who have no idea of the context know this line.

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