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Harrison. Art by Eddie Jones from Waldo No. 1.

Sir William Makepeace Harrison” was the fictional hero of a long series of humorous stories in Triode and (once) Bastion in the 1950s–70s. He was loosely based on the real-life William or Bill Harrison who was a member of the Liverpool Science Fiction Society: the relevant entry in Eric Bentcliffe's club profiles in Waldo No. 1 (December 1959), online here, treats the real and fantasy Harrisons as the same man.

The Harrison stories were authored by “Harry Hurstmonceaux and Cyril Faversham” (Liverpool fans Stan Nuttall and John Owen).

The first four Harrison tales in Triode appeared as episodes under the overall title Beloved Is Our Destiny. The third, “Crossed Steel” from Triode 13, was collected in the fanthologies The Best of Fandom 1958 (1959) and When Yngvi Was a Louse (1982). There are ten stories in all.

An annotated collection of the whole sequence, The Harrison Saga: The Extraordinary Exploits of Sir William Makepeace Harrison edited by Rob Hansen, was released as an Ansible Editions ebook in March 2022.

The Harrison Saga ebook

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
(Hurstmonceaux:Triode) The mainstay and chief support of the British Empire, tho such people as Churchill, Montgomery, Tovey, Cunningham et al filled star supporting roles. Triode ran a lengthy series, Beloved Is Our Destiny, which revealed the part played by Harrison in a few of his less important deeds such as saving Asia, America, Europe, Africa and other areas of the world from menaces like plague, revolution, nuclear warfare, usw. His more vital accomplishments cannot be discussed in a public document.

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