George Furcsik

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(July 9, 1916 – January 9, 1989)

George Furcsik, a Detroit fan active in the 1940s and ’50s, belonged to the Misfits and the DSFL, according to the 1950 Fan Directory. He was a contributor to The Detroit Stfan.

Like his brother-in-law, Hal Shapiro, Furcsik collected pornography, which got him in trouble with the law. From the July 1953 issue of Martin Alger’s Revoltin' Development:


G----- F------- , 34, of 50—- Maple---- St., was fined $100 and placed on probation for a year for possessing obscene photographs. Recorder's Judge J----- A. G------ also referred F------- to the court’s psychiatric clinic when F------- admitted collecting in­decent pictures was a hobby.

(The above item is from a Detroit paper. Mr. F------ is an ex-big wheel of the DSFL steering committee.)

Furcsik was born in New York to Romanian immigrants (their original last name was Furcski). The family moved to Michigan before 1930. He married Edith Shapiro in Indiana in 1939; she was Hal Shapiro’s sister. George enlisted in the military in 1945 and was discharged in 1946. He died in 1989.

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