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Don Thompson (comics)
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(Did you mean Donald C. Thompson, chairman of Denvention 2, or Donald B. Thompson from Louisiana?)

(October 30, 1935 - May 23, 1994)

Donald A. Thompson was a fan who worked most of his life as a professional journalist in Cleveland, Ohio. He was also active in comic book fandom. He was married to Margaret “Maggie” Curtis Thompson, whose mother was SF author Betsy Curtis. Don and Maggie met in June, 1957, at a SF picnic at the home of SF author Basil Wells; they were married in June, 1962.

He is often confused with Don C. Thompson, one of the several other Don Thompsons in fandom, who co-chaired Denvention Two with Suzanne Carnival.

He was a member (and officer) of the Penn State SF Society and was a member of the N3F.

He and Dick Lupoff co-edited two collections of articles on comic books: All in Color for a Dime (1970) and The Comic-Book Book (1973). Don contributed chapters to both books. He published Rainy Days with Maggie Thompson. Later, he and Maggie were co-editors of the fanzines Harbinger, Comic Art, and Newfangles. He also edited Ballast.

When Krause Publications bought The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom in 1983 (and renamed it Comic Buyer's Guide), the Thompsons were hired as its editors. Their "Beautiful Balloons" column had run in the magazine since 1972.

After Don's death in 1994, Maggie continued as editor of Comic Buyer's Guide.

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