Weird Unsolved Mysteries

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From the NorWesCon program book, 1950.
From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
From Claude Degler After the war the Cosmic One, using a new pename of "John Crisman", published Weird Unsolved Mysteries, a flying saucer review thing, which he circulated at the Philcon. Future issues (which apparently never appeared) were to feature such articles as "E. E. Smith is Earthbound and Unimaginative". He also announced Monster Stories, to feature "Behind the Super-Nova" ("a tale of sheer cosmic horror and weird vengeance"). Later he crossed out the "Crisman" and inserted a new pseudonym, "John York", and used WUM to exchange for fanzines. Any further history he may have made is unknown to your Gibbon.

An ad in the 1950 Worldcon’s program book claimed 16-year-old Nancy Moore was WUM co-editor with Director C. Williamson Degler. We are dubious about its bona fides.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1947
2 ca. 1950 ed. was "John York" and "Susan Bradnoy"

Publication 19471950
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