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A tiny fan gathering in summer 1941 in Washington, DC, mentioned in Fancy 1. Those present included R. D. Swisher, F. N. Swisher, Russ Chauvenet and the Washington Worry-Warts (Elmer Perdue, Milt Rothman, Jack Speer, possibly others).

They issued the Washington Manifesto.

From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
From Confabulation – The name is a new one, and almost the only events so called so far have been the Washington Confabulations. The first of these was in early 1940, when Perdue, recently arrived from Wyoming, Rothman, not long from Philadelphia, and Speer, of Washington for more than a year, got together and called themselves a confabulation. The second was in the summer of 1941, when Dr and Mrs Swisher visited the Washington Worry-Warts, and Chauvenet came up from Charlottesville. This Confabulation issued the Washington Manifesto.

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