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Vul-Con (NOLA)
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A series of Star Trek-oriented SF conventions held in New Orleans, LA from 1973 to the early 1980s, organized by James G. Mulé.

No. Date Guests
Vul-Con June 21-24, 1973 GoH: Gene Roddenberry, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, David Gerrold, Gene L. Coon, George Takei, Myrna Culbreath TM: Dorothy Fontana FGoH: Ruth Berman
Location: Jung Hotel
Concom: James G. Mulé, Lynne Norwood, Pete Bezbak, Dean Sweatman, Mary Sweatman, Robert Taggert, Mary Beth Schrieb, Dany Frolich, Mary Frolich, Nancy Mayberry, Rick Norwood, Dennis Dolbear
Vul-Con II May 29 - June 1 1975 GoH: Nichelle Nichols, Arlene Martel
Location: The Braniff Place Hotel
Vul-Con III August 20-22, 1976 GoH: Frank Kelly Freas, Grace Lee Whitney
Location: International American Hotel
Concom: James G. Mulé, Jan Luke, Richard Majeste, Beverly Traub, Joe Grillot
Vul-Con IV 1977
Vul-Con V August 11-13, 1978 GoH: Shawn Bishop, Wayne McAllister, Dr. Jack Stocker, George Alec Effinger
Location: Grand Hotel
Concom: Jan Luke, Beverly Traub, Richard Majeste, Mike Swan, Gee Busar, Burt Cary, Joe Grillot, Kay Johnson
Vul-Con VI 1979
Vul-Con VII 1980
Vul-Con VIII August 14-16, 1981
Vul-Con IX 1982 GoH: Terrance Dicks
Vul-Con X 1983

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