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A club at the University of Aston in Birmingham, UK that started Novacon.

As Then relates

A full year after the demise of the Birmingham SF Group, fannish life returned to the city in the form of a new SF group that sprang up on the campus of Aston University in Gosta Green, a suburb of Birmingham. The group started in the autumn term of 1967, and was organised by a student at Aston, Bob Rickard, who was producing artwork and articles for SPECULATION. Rickard, Pete Weston, and David Pringle -- a Sutton Coldfield resident Weston had introduced to fandom via SPECULATION -- had been meeting monthly in the basement bar of a Birmingham city centre pub for a while, but the Aston Group was entirely Rickard's own idea. Being interested in the works of Charles Fort he had intended it to be a more 'speculative' group than the conventional SF society it turned out to be. Weston went along to the group's fourth meeting, and it was here he first met other members such as Vernon Brown.

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